Seward, Alaska Fishing

Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Seward, Alaska, and for good reason. Its location on Resurrection Bay is home to some of the most beautiful and fertile fishing grounds in the world. Pacific halibut, silver salmon, king salmon, rockfish, and lingcod provide exciting rod-bending action to anglers of all levels of experience. Charter fishing amid the majestic backdrop of Seward, Alaska, Mt. Marathon, and Kenai Fjords is a thrilling experience that is not to be forgotten.

Halibut Fishing

One of the most popular species for charter fishing in Seward is the Pacific Halibut. The average halibut catch ranges from 20-50 pounds, but huge fish from 80 to 100 pounds are fairly common. Lucky anglers may even have an opportunity to haul in one of Seward, Alaska’s monster halibut, many in excess of 200 pounds! Halibut are most commonly caught in the spring and summer months, but halibut fishing charters are available year round, except in January, when the Pacific Halibut are spawning.


Lingcod Fishing

Another popular, and fun, fish species targeted while fishing Seward is the notoriously aggressive Lingcod. Known to snap at virtually anything in its path, and hold on like a pit bull, Lingcod are one of the most fun fish to battle with on an Alaskan fishing charter. Many Lingcod can reach sizes in excess of 80 pounds. Often caught during a halibut charter, Lingcod is an excellent eating fish. Because they are such a popular fish, they are prone to over harvesting. Lingcod has a limited season starting July 1 and the catch limit is one per person per day. Rockfish, another popular species, tend to frequent the same waters and are often caught at the same time as Lingcod. Rockfish are a fun, light tackle challenge for any angler.

Salmon Fishing

The fish species that Seward is most known for is the Silver Salmon, also known as Coho Salmon. During the peak of the Silver Salmon run it would be difficult for a fisherman to not hook one of these beauties. Leaping, jumping, and fighting, the bright silver fish, averaging 10-15 pounds give anglers a thrilling fishing experience in the heart of Resurrection Bay. Available from mid-June through early September, Silver Salmon are some of the tastiest fish in the ocean. Silver Salmon are in such great abundance in Seward that the town hosts the Silver Salmon Derby every August, a can’t-miss event for the experienced salmon angler.

King Salmon Fishing

The largest of all salmon species, the King Salmon, or Chinook salmon is a real prize catch. Not as common as the Silver Salmon in Seward, the King Salmon is still a popular fish to catch and battling a King on light tackle is an unbeatable experience. Available year round, King Salmon is most common from spring through fall. King Salmon is common in excess of 30 pounds. Known for its delicious meat, the King Salmon is one of Seward, Alaska’s most coveted catches.

No matter which type of charter fishing appeals to you, the captains and crews of Seward’s charter fishing fleet are friendly and knowledgeable of local fishing trends. Seward is town of unsurpassed natural beauty and small town charm that will lure anglers from all over the world for an unbeatable charter fishing vacation.