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Calving Glacier
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Outdoor activities in and around Kenai Fjords

There is a business in Seward that rents and fixes bikes, tandems and mountain bikes. Most of the trails in Seward are great for mountain bikes. They are located in the small boat harbor at the end north end of 4th Avenue, in the "Train Wreck"

Or you could go on a guide bike tour with http://www.sewardbiketours.com

Bird Watching
eagle The Sealife tour boats out of Seward visit many islands in the outer bay area where sea bird rookeries are found. Often there may be more than a dozen different species of sea birds nesting on the same pinnacle. A trip on one of these boats will prov... wildlifepuffin.jpg -- puffin
Exit Glacier
Exit Glacier is the most accessible park area. A gravel road at mile 3.7 of the Seward Highway leads 9 miles to the Exit Glacier Ranger Station. The area offers exhibits on the glacier and Harding Icefield, interpretive programs, and hikes. Rangers p...
Fly Fishing
At DragonFly Fishing Guides we work hard to offer wilderness fly fishing experiences. All of our trips are fully customizable from top to bottom.
Harding Ice Field
The three hundred square mile Harding Ice Field (named after president Warren Harding) entombs the Kenai mountains, and feeds some thirty active glaciers, which are currently receding. These rivers of ice move slowly down steep slopes crushing boulders to silt, and often calve spectacularly into the sea. The Harding Ice Field is one of four remaining ice fields in the United States; they are the last vestiges of the Pleistocene era when a massive continental ice sheet covered much of North America. The ice field reaches elevations of 6,000 feet entombing valleys and mountain tops. There is a four to five miles hike starting at Exit Glacier that leads to the Harding Ice Field. While on this hike I have seen marmots, goats and bear. The park service has labeled it as a difficult hike.
Seward has some of the most beautiful hikes in Alaska. My favorite is Lost Lake trail. Here is the best link I have found that gives lots and lots of great information on hikes.
Horseback Riding

This area of Seward, Alaska is only accessible by horse back. View bald eagles up close, see where they nest and watch them feed. It is rare that you can't ride your horse right under the trees where they majestically perch.

We will ride through part of the old town of Seward that was destroyed by the great earthquake of 1964. You will hear the stories of the people who lived through it.

Our horses will then take us to the shore of the bay where the wild flowers meet the ocean. The bird life of this area is very diverse, active and up close. This Trail Ride could very well be the wilderness highlight of your trip to Seward and Alaska.

Click on this link for more information or to make reservations directly with Bardy's Trail Rideshttp://www.sewardhorses.com

The best place to find good information on hunting is at: http://www.state.ak.us/local/akpages/FISH.GAME/wildlife/geninfo/regs/regshome.htm

Kayaking is growing in Seward and there are a large variety of options to the Kayaker. It varies from beginners taking a quick lesson and enjoying the sites with a guide, to renting a kayaking and having the kayak and yourself dropped off in a remote area. Or make reservations at a lodge in Resurrection Bay where the kayaks will await you. There are two lodges offering this service; one a fairly updated facility with many modern conveniences, the other is a newly built lodge with cabins that are much more on the rustic side. Here is a link to a kayaking company in Seward that I think you will find to be very helpful.

http://www.liquid-adventures.com , http://www.sunnycove.com , & http://www.adventure60.com

Kenai Fjords National Park
major maine tours Kenai (Key-nigh) Fjords National Park is bordered on the north and west by the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, and on the eastern border lies the Chugach National Forest. The southern boundary is the Gulf of Alaska, where steep mountain valleys plung...
Resurrection Bay has exceptional sailing conditions. Bareboat, Guided, Skippered Charters or sailing courses are available.
Saltwater Fishing
large halibut Seward is one of Alaska's hot fishing spots for big halibut. It's common to catch fish between fifty and eighty pounds. The big ones come in between two hundred and three hundred pounds. The Jackpot Halibut Tournament runs from May 15th to July 31st.
Whale Watching
orca During certain times of the year whales can be seen from the shore. I have never gone on a cruise and not seen whales, but remember these are wild animals and there is never a guarantee you will see them.
albino moose In the late winter and early spring it is not unusual to have a moose pass through your yard. In the late fall bear will roam the alleys looking for food. Year round it is common to see sea lions or sea otter swimming along the shorelines. Eagles are... wildlifebear.jpg -- bear